Scott Adams vs. Ben Garrison: Cartoon Wars

There is a dustup going on among conservatives.

No not that craziness at the U. S. House of Representatives,

it’s between a couple cartoonists.

We Got This Covered has it covered:

Dilbert author Scott Adams is on the legal warpath. The creator of the once wildly popular satire of cubicle culture, who, in recent years, has achieved perhaps greater notoriety as an online gainsayer, political prognosticator, and controversy magnet, has set his sites — or at least the sites of a future legal team — on fellow controversial pundit/cartoonist Bill Garrison following the latter’s publication of a cartoon mocking Adams and his alleged views on vaccination. Or at least what Garrison perceives as Adam’s views.

(Okay, it’s Ben Garrison, not Bill Garrison.)

Ben Garrison‘s original cartoon and accompanying column.

The Scott Adams “considering legal action” Twitter thread.

Scott talks about it on today’s Real Coffee with Scott Adams. (42 minute mark).

Another Scott Adams Twitter thread about the cartoon and Scott’s reaction.

As far as I can determine this is a year old cartoon.

images © GrrrGraphics/Ben Garrison

11 thoughts on “Scott Adams vs. Ben Garrison: Cartoon Wars

  1. Can you REALLY trust a source that misspells every third word? Also how do we know these two aren’t just laying down cover fire for Kevin McCarthy (hey, if they can make up conspiracy theories out of thin air, so can we.)

    Also, love the new look y’all!

  2. Well I do love cartoons so your site has been fun for a few days. But giving credence to misinformation from not one but two of the world’s worst crazies? Yeah I’m done. Cuz odds are, it’s a threesome.

  3. Ben Garrison’s art is really too good to effectively parody Dilbert. I was frankly surprised that it wasn’t his work on the Trump NFTs, given how well he nails that Nazi Era Ubermenschen poster art style.

  4. And in any case, who cares . . . ? Let ’em fight amongst themselves, as rethuglicans/conservatives are wont to do, and let the rest of us get on with our lives.

      1. you’re right, Steve : considering that around 60% of Republicans still believe the big Stolen Election lie despite the lack of substantive, verifiable proof, Democrats shouldn’t be smugly dismissive of that Party. instead, they should be scared s***less. me, i’m comforted that it’s come down from 70% six months ago. people can and do learn.

  5. To Scott Adams: P.T. Barnum once said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” which is almost as good as Oscar Wilde’s version, who put it like this: “There’s only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”
    Scott, my advice is to let it go. However the next time you are at your bank’s drive-thru window to make a deposit I would let out a maniacal guffaw or possibly a quite chortle.

  6. michael frankly youre a bit of a looney toon if you wont admit that establishment democrats vocally denied Trump won the 2016 election. Acting like its a giant, absurd, and frightening thing to doubt modern election integrity after literally doing so is not just pure projection but a seriously slimy gaslighting attempt. This is just one of the colossal lies you labor under.

    1. JoMac, this is an old post so nobody’s reading anymore, but just wanted to say that you and I both seem to have missed some things. You apparently missed the part where Clinton graciously conceded to Trump the day after the election, and Obama invited Trump to the White House to ensure a smooth transition. I apparently missed the part where President Obama urged his supporters to storm the Capitol and hang VP Joe Biden if he refused to name Obama the winner of the election. Tomato tomahto.

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