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Washington, D.C. – A Search for the Source

The Library of Congress found the cartoonist who created it (Paul Gregg) and found the newspaper it probably appeared in (The Denver Post) but it still looking for confirmation of the date (ca. early 1933).

This mystery centered on an image of a political cartoon found online. No original source information accompanied the image online, so a researcher needed help identifying where it came from. Most newspapers in the Serial & Government Publication Division are organized by title, date, and publication location. It can be tricky to find something when one of those key details is missing.

Joanna Colclough (LoC) details her search for the source.


Paris, France – Asterix and Obelix

The best selling comic book of 2023 is being prepared. From France 24:

French novelist and comic book author Fabcaro, who is known for his absurdist humour, will be the fourth scriptwriter to carry on the adventure of the indomitable Gaul who stood against the Romans.

As is tradition, the next volume will come out in an odd-numbered year, with the latest release planned for October 26, 2023, publisher Albert Rene said.

Bleeding Cool relays remarks by the author of the comic that
will have an estimated first printing of eight million copies:

FabCaro, writer/artist of the popular comic book series Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï signed up to the gig one year ago today, when approached by Albert René Editions to pitch for the series. “At the end of December, I sent a synopsis to Albert René editions with the first storyboards. They must have said to themselves: ‘This one is going to make us run’. Then it took me two months to complete everything. It was quite fast,” he told RTL.


Cartoonland, Your Local Newspaper of the Past – Lichty

Animation Resources posts a number of Grin and Bear It panels from the late 1930s to the early 1950s by the great cartoonist George Lichty.


At first glance, Lichty’s drawings appear sloppy, with formulaic oafish characters standing around with their jaws agape. But look closer… His compositional sense and skill at putting across a visual gag is remarkable. There’s nothing sloppy about his use of perspective either. The most amazing thing is that his lines seem to be alive!


Columbus, Ohio – The Billy Ireland Christmas Newsletter

2022 has been an exciting year for us at BICLM! As of October, we returned to our pre-pandemic number of gallery visitors, and have greatly enjoyed hosting in-person programs again to reunite with old friends and welcome new guests.

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum issued their 2022 roundup.

Just one of many items:

Thanks to funding from the Hearst Foundation, work continued on cataloging the massive San Francisco Academy of Comic Art Collection. Thousands of rare newspaper comics pages and sections have been rehoused and added to our finding aids. We are also the proud recipients of a grant from the Terra Foundation for American Art to reimagine the permanent exhibition in our Mort Walker Gallery!


New York, New York – 2023 King Features Directory

King Features Syndicate has released their product directory for 2023.

The newly obtained Candorville is included;
the soon to be lost Crankshaft, Funky Winkerbean, and Mother Goose & Grimm are not.