OT: NY Times Crossword on First Day of Hanukkah

The New York Times created a social media storm when their Sunday crossword puzzle layout for December 18, 2022 (the first day of Hanukkah) formed, without too much imagination, a swastika.


From The Jerusalem Post:

The New York Times on released its daily crossword puzzle in the shape of swastika on Sunday, Democratic Strategist Keith Edwards pointed out on Twitter.

In a later tweet, Edwards pointed out that no major media outlet had covered the incident. “So far not one mainstream media outlet has reported on this,” he wrote.

Meaww carried more reactions:

Hanukkah spoilt by an honest mistake? Hundreds of readers of the New York Times were taken by surprise after their crossword puzzle on Sunday was allegedly resembling a Swastika, that too on the first day of Hanukkah – Sunday, December 18. The puzzle’s silhouette has caused outrage on social media with several notable people coming forward to express their discomfort with the whole situation…

Meaww also runs a New York Times note from five years ago, the last time they ran a crossword with a swastika image included (yeah, this isn’t the first time):