A Chat with Cartoonist Mike Luckovich

Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor Kevin Riley sits down with editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich to discuss his how he creates political cartoons.

On the occasion of the new Mike Luckovich book, The Twisted History of the GOP, being released Mike sits down with his editor and explain the thought process behind a few of his recent cartoons (including the book’s cover cartoon), the politician that is the most fun to draw, cartooning Georgia politics, fun stories like Mikes Peters and Luckovich at the White House Correspondents Dinner, influences, and takes listeners questions.

Forty -five minutes at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution You Tube channel.

Wish I’d been there for the live broadcast. I’m always curious about how cartoonists feel once they are half way through an involved drawing. Would have asked him about the Herschel Walker cartoon.

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