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Re: Editorial Type Cartoonists

Clay and The Klan

Clay Jones got banned again:

Oh yeah: Facebook pulled this cartoon for “violating” its terms of service. I appealed and lost. My account is now blocked for three days which will also limit views of my work for a while after I return. I thought at least one social media account would strike down this cartoon. Now I wonder if any others will follow suit. Maybe I should have posted this on Parler. I did post it on Truth Social. Let’s see what happens there.

© Clay Jones

Others continue to post on Clay’s Facebook page.


Jeff and J.D.

Fox News:

An Ohio newspaper is facing backlash for a political cartoon taking aim at Republican Senate candidate JD Vance at the expense of his wife.

New York Post:

Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance‘s campaign accused the state’s largest newspaper of racism Wednesday after it published a political cartoon mocking his opposition to the Cleveland Guardians baseball team changing their name from the Indians.

art © Plain Dealer/Jeff Darcy

The [Cleveland] Plain Dealer newspaper ran the cartoon by Jeff Darcy last week showing Vance standing next to his Democratic opponent, Rep. Tim Ryan, on a debate stage clad in San Francisco Giants gear.

The “backlash” to Jeff Darcy and his cartoon seems to be confined to the above two News Corp outlets and their British brother-in-arms The Daily Mail:

‘[T]he Cleveland Plain Dealer’s woke editors published a cartoon that explicitly encourages bigotry against Indian women by perpetuating a stereotype,’ [Vance’s Chief Strategist Jai] Chabria added.

‘Tim should step up and condemn their actions immediately, or perhaps this racism is ok because it’s against a Republican.’

Notably, the Cleveland Plain Dealer over the weekend endorsed Vance’s Democratic opponent Representative Ryan.

The cartoon remains on The Plain Dealer’s website:

While the Cleveland Baseball team’s name change didn’t come up in the first debate between Tim Ryan and J.D. Vance, it had in a primary debate and Fox News interview when Vance hit former opponent Matt Dolan, whose family owns the team, over the name change. Vance had called out the Dolan’s for weakness giving into the ‘woke mob.’


Lurie’s Loft

Home for Lurie was an apartment at the luxury high-rise 15 Central Park West. Work took place right around the corner in the Lincoln Square neighborhood, inside yet another luxury apartment in the former Time Warner Center tower.

Ranan Lurie’s NYC apartment on market for $28 million.


Barry and Betsy

art © The New Yorker/Barry Blitt

… For this week’s cover, the artist Barry Blitt presents a cheeky take on Ross cheerfully stitching away at the true American idol: the dollar bill.

Barry Blitt and The New Yorker discuss consumerism.


Cartooning with KAL

© The Economist/KAL

How do you draw Putin? We asked KAL, our political cartoonist.

The Economist showcases a 44 second drawing lesson from KAL.


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