Nick Anderson: Cartoons Not Always Funny

“I’ve always taken the attitude that an editorial cartoonist is just supposed to get people thinking, to provoke thought through either it makes you angry, or it makes you laugh.”

Striking the right balance of humor and seriousness in political cartoons can be challenging, Anderson said. However, when dealing with situations such as the war in Ukraine, he tends to focus less on humor and more on the gravity of the situation.

© Nick Anderson

Austin Mucchetti, for Ohio State’s The Lantern, talks to Nick Anderson about cartooning tragedy.

“I did have a few readers say, ‘That’s way too much for this, that’s way too graphic and upsetting” … “I don’t think it was over the top. I felt it was a good depiction of what’s going on and not funny at all, but that—in this circumstance—I think it was called for.”