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Starting Spring w/ Some Sequential Sunday Smiles

I’ll let Shandra and Caulfield (and Mike Peterson) work out the logistics of when it started…

Gil © Norm Feuti; Frazz © Jef Mallett

my calendar says Spring starts today and the Sunday Funnies brought Spring in with some smiles.


Don’t know when it originally appeared but the Bob Weber Moose and Molly
opening panel that showed up today brought a smile. I love the scene!

Not Spring related but son Bob Weber Jr. got a smile out me too with a Slylock Fox Easter Egg.

Moose and Molly; Slylock Fox © KFS


These aren’t laugh out loud funny, but rather pleasantries.

Patrick McDonnell’s Mutts welcomed Spring with great art and a lovely sentiment.
The paw prints – Yeah!

© Patrick McDonnell


Liniers’ Macanudo brought in Spring without mentioning it (my interpretion, it’s Fall down south).

© Liniers


Jimmy Johnson brings Spring to Arlo and Janis in a wonderful way.



The Walker Brothers, Eric Reaves (great representations!), and Hi and Lois welcome the expectations of Spring. Well, Hi not so much.

© King Features Syndicate


And nothing to do with Spring, though it looks like one fine day, but I really enjoyed this John Rose panel from today’s Barney Google and Snuffy Smith.

© King Features Syndicate


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