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Wednesday Roundup Countdown

Taking a cue from those Countdown to Christmas newspaper front page comic panels Brett Koth has adapted the idea to a countdown to Spring.


Get in on Jay Stephens‘ newest project.

From Harvey and Eisner-Award nominated cartoonist Jay Stephens, Dwellings is an ongoing horror series set in the fictional small town of Elwich, Ontario. Lovingly drawn in a disarmingly cute vintage comic style, each issue features a new main character in a complete story designed to scare.

No need to worry about complex continuity here! Jump in with any issue and be devilishly delighted.


Never Was Comic Strips
The Lovin’ Blooms by Al McWilliams

Heritage Auctions puts the dailies at circa 1960s and the Sunday at circa 1970s.
The 1970s feel a more accurate time frame.
There is also another Al McWilliams tryout, but it seems to be not The Lovin’ Blooms.


Mano Singham has thoughts on comic strip animals, Sherman’s Lagoon in particular.

I have been wondering about why cartoonists introduce anthropomorphized animals. Is it funnier when they do the kinds of things that humans do? Somehow that does seem to be the case though I cannot put my finger on why.

Take for example, the daily and Sunday strip called Sherman’s Lagoon. Its characters consist of aquatic creatures, the key ones being two great white sharks Sherman and Megan. The main characters are sharks, turtles, and crabs and they form a community just like humans. It all takes place under the sea except that the water seems to play hardly any role at all, and in fact would make pretty much everything impossible.


From the people that brought us Comic Strip Cartoonist magazine comes Stoopid.

Issue #6 now available.


Cartoon Crossroads Columbus is pleased to announce that applications to be an in-person exhibitor in the CXC 2022 Expo are now open!

The expo will return on October 8 & 9 to the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Main Branch.




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