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The New New Adventures of Queen Victoria

Early last year Pab Sungenis ended his The New Adventures of Queen Victoria.

Then very early this year Pab and Queen Victoria checked in on us.

From Pab on that January 3, 2022 issue:

Hi, gang. Just wanted to poke my head back in. I had no idea my upload links still worked.

I was curious whether anyone would even notice. I guess a few of you still do.

I’m 99% sure I won’t be doing the daily strip again; too much going on to give it the attention it deserves. But I may upload something if I’m inspired enough.

He returned with a few strips in mid-January about a menace that was going viral.

Now two months later Pab comments on another social incident:

© Pab Sungenis

It would be wise to keep The New Adventures of Queen Victoria on
your “Comics I Follow” list so as not to miss any intermittent episodes.


to Teresa Burritt, whose Frog Applause matched Queen Victoria’s
15 years this past December and has no plans to suspend her strip, for the heads-up.


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