Following Non Sequitur for 30 Years


We were going to set up an anniversary post for Wednesday
but Wiley beat us to the punch with today’s Non Sequitur.



Wiley, who has better resources than we, works a very clear shot of that original panel from February 16, 1992 into the February 13, 2022 Non Sequitur strip. Wiley admits in the strip he is a few days early in celebrating, but the debut date was a Sunday so this is the right Sunday to acknowledge the start.

The daily version began the following day on Monday February 17, 1992:

GoComics has the entire Non Sequitur archive.

It didn’t take long for Wiley before began alternating between panel and strip formats. It did take eight years for him to introduce the vertical format for his Sunday Non Sequitur comic strip.

Prints for your favorites are available.

The Spokesman-Review has a timeline of Wiley’s career.

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