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Future Funnies – Breaking Cat News, Dick Tracy


From Georgia Dunn earlier this month:

I have some very sad news to share, Lupin died this morning. It was fast, and he had a great few weeks before today. He had been in good spirits and acting like his old self. He was such a terrific good bad great cat, and I will miss him for the rest of my life.

Georgia from a few days ago:

Last week for the first time since the comic started in newspapers, I took a vacation week. I have gotten ahead before to take time off, but with Lupin passing away I needed the time to just take a moment. My editor sent me this message this morning, and it made me so happy.

So next week Breaking Cat News will be a tribute to Lupin.

© Georgia Dunn


This week’s Dick Tracy offers an epilogue to the Blackjack story that ran just before the latest Minit Mystery. Then we get a guest writer for the story beginning January 30, 2022. As you can guess from the above Mark Barnard returns and the villain will be poison specialist Yeti who was created by Mark.

When we last saw Yeti (and Mark):

© Tribune Content Agency


Community Comments

#1 Denny Lien
@ 5:08 pm

Poor Lupin, poor Georgia Dunn.

I just got angry enough at my (ultra-in-the-way-and-on-the-table-and-underfoot newish teenage cat Elliot to yell at him, and now I feel even worse about doing so than I did a few minutes ago).

Bad boys need love too; maybe even more than the rest of us do. Hug your cat (or other significant other(s).

#2 Ignatz
@ 8:21 am

I’ve not only followed Lupin in the strip, but the real Lupin on Georgia Dunn’s Facebook page. I think it’s wonderful that he’ll remain a character in the strip – Georgia has said she intends to do that, and it’s a way of always keeping him – but I’ll probably feel somewhat sad every time I see him.

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