The Shetland Islands and 40 Years of Smirk

Since we are celebrating 40 year anniversaries today let’s go to Scotland where…

“Births, Deaths, Marriages and Smirk, but not necessarily in that order”, is how someone once told me they read The Shetland Times – probably apocryphal – then of course there are the back pages.

A cartoon is a form of expression that nails a snapshot of time. Even here on a few rocks in the north Atlantic, it can sum up a narrative in few words and lines.

The 27th November this year marked 40 years since the first Smirk cartoon was published in The Shetland Times. Thousands have followed.

From Smirk’s LinkedIn page:

  • Cartoonist and Caricaturist specialising in corporate commissions, also watercolour artist.

    Shetland Times

    – Present40 years 3 months

    Shetland Isles United Kingdom

  • Editorial Cartoonist


    – Present40 years 3 months 



Stephen Gordon (aka Smirk) reflects on 40 years with The Shetland Times:

It’s quite an onerous task to condense 40 years of “skrittin’ da news”.

Remarkably I have come through it all fairly unscathed physically, but have taken some verbal attack, “noo an’ again”. The late Slim Jim Irvine assured me that “all publicity was good publicity”.

More Smirk on Twitter.