New AAEC President Kevin Necessary Interviewed

Enquirer editorial cartoonist Kevin Necessary has been named the next president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. 

The Cincinnati native will take over in January for current president Jen Sorensen who is stepping down at the end of the year. 

The Cincinnati Enquirer interviewed Kevin Necessary about his new position, about recent changes with the craft and the opportunites, how polarization has affected the profession, and more.

© Kevin Necessary/The Cincinnati Enquirer

Q: What is your reaction to becoming the next president of the AAEC?

A: They needed a replacement and somehow I got the phone call. I’m very honored. I respect Jen very much and that’s really the only reason why I’m taking this position.

Q: What will be your role as president of the AAEC?

A: Really, it’s to help provide a voice and a public face for the AAEC. The AAEC has several board members, it has a director, other elected officials. So what my role will be is to be a public face for that to help guide policy. If there are any matters where we need to make any statements or be out in the community, I will be doing that. And really it’s to advocate for editorial cartooning and this form of journalism.

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