Youth Political Cartoon Challenge with Mark Fiore

San Francisco Bay Area public TV and radio station KQED
challenges schools and teachers to get their students involved:

Join a Youth Media Challenge to engage student voice and choice and foster civic engagement. Challenges are open to middle and high school students across the U.S.

Challenge your students to share their voices beyond the classroom. These standards-aligned projects, for multiple content areas, are ideal for distance or in-person instruction and come with ready-to-use curricular supports for self-directed learning. All student media submissions will be published on the online public showcase.

Of the various fields available we will naturally take note of political cartooning.

ANd KQED political cartoonist Mark Fiore is involved.

Let me start by saying how glad I am that I don’t have to pick a winner from any of these cartoons that students submitted as part of KQED’s “Political Cartooning With Mark Fiore” Youth Media Challenge.

This challenge invites students in grades 6-12 to submit an original one-panel editorial cartoon about any issue that matters to them. (All submissions are published on KQED’s Youth Media Challenge Showcase, and I’ll try to feature as many as I can throughout the school year.)

There is so much talent here it would be a shame to have to pick just one.

As a long-time cartoonist who remembers my earliest cartoons, I can see potential magic — that may not be immediately apparent to some — in many of these works.

John M. Jaidene M.

Mark comments on a number of the early submissions.

(The Youth Media Challenge is accepting submissions until June 2022,
so you can still send in your cartoons if you haven’t already done so.)