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The Sixties – Peanuts Best Decade?

The year 1959 marked a new wave for Peanuts. Charlie Brown’s sister, Sally, made her debut on May 26, 1959. Linus also first spoke about the Great Pumpkin in October of 1959. Not only was Schulz inventing new topics for his already popular characters, but his emotional side began to engulf the strip as well. On November 14, 1961, Charlie Brown sat on the bench during lunch for the first time. He talks to himself as he observes the “little girl with the red hair.” His only wish is that she would go over and sit with him. These iconic strips continued in the ’60s as Charlie felt more and more alone each time. December 17, 1964, includes one of the saddest moments in Peanuts history, where Charlie Brown sinks his round head into his little hands, saying: “I can’t… I just can’t...”

Dylan Moure, at Screen Rant, makes the case for the 1960s being Charles M. Schulz‘s best
and most creative decade of his Peanuts comic strip.

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