Parsing Bill Watterson’s Farewell Letter

This week marks the anniversary of a sad day, but one that has unexpected relevance, considering the biggest challenges facing businesses and employees today.

It will be 26 years since cartoonist Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, wrote a resignation letter of sorts, informing newspaper editors and readers that he would soon be ending the beloved comic.

Calvin and Hobbes was published in 2,400 newspapers at its apex, and read by millions every day.

Nevertheless, at the absolute height of its popularity, Watterson announced he was calling it quits on November 9, 1995. 

Here’s the letter, annotated to show why I think it’s a model that anyone who wants to leave a position on good terms should strive to follow…

Bill Murphy, Jr., for Inc., dissects Bill Watterson‘s resignation letter to editors.

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