Davis, Groening Among 50 Richest Celebrities

The list of top 50 Celebrities in the world in 2021:- The wealthiest Actors, Directors, Comedians, Singers, Authors, and Models are made their presence in our top 50 Richest Celebrities list.

There is no easy way to Make the top 50 wealthiest Celebrities list globally, but it is also not impossible. Here is a list of the wealthiest Celebrities.

Create a comic cat or a funny family and you too can be rich and famous.

From Marketing Analysis:

Jim Davis

James Robert Davis (born July 28, 1945) is an American cartoonist, best known as the comic strips Garfield and U.S. Acres (a.k.a. Orson’s Farm). The comic was published in 1978. And Garfield became one of the world’s most widely syndicated comic strips.

The famous cartoonist is worth 800 million dollars. And he is 76 years old.

Jim comes in at #21 – ahead of Bono, Howard Stern, James Cameron, Kylie Jenner…


Matt Groening

Born February 15, 1954, Matthew Abram Groening is an American cartoonist, writer, producer, and famous animator. Groening is the creator of the comic strip Life in Hell (1977–2012) and the famous television series The Simpsons (1989–present), Futurama (1999–2003, 2008–2013), and Disenchantment (2018–present). The Simpsons series is the longest-running U.S. primetime-television series in history.

The famous cartoonist’s net worth is 600 million dollars. And he is 67 years old.

At #34 Matt is listed before Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, George Clooney, Stephen King…


3 thoughts on “Davis, Groening Among 50 Richest Celebrities

  1. Interesting list. However, I suspect this is all speculation. This list come solely from a “blogger” and not from any in depth financial analysis typically done when lists are created for Forbes, WSJ, NY TIMES or Fortune Magazine etc.

    I mean, you can’t do a few movies decades ago and be worth several billions dollar just from that…impossible.

    And Jim Davis worth 800 million? In todays media market?? I highly doubt it.

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