Australia Mints Centennial Ginger Meggs Coins

A century ago, Sydney artist Jimmy Bancks created an iconic Aussie character, a red-headed boy called Ginger Meggs. Part battler, part larrikin, part philosopher, Ginger Meggs is one of Australia’s most successful cultural figures, ranking alongside Dame Edna, Crocodile Dundee and Blinky Bill.

When Sydney artist Jimmy Bancks created a newspaper cartoon strip in 1921, he could scarcely have imagined one of his characters, a red-headed boy named Ginger Smith would still be amusing readers a century later.

Ginger Smith soon became Ginger Meggs, one of Australia’s most successful cultural creations, with his antics syndicated around the world. Ginger Meggs is now produced by cartoonist and comedian Jason Chatfield, the strip’s fifth artist.

The Royal Australian Mint has produced Ginger Meggs coins to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the comic strip character coming later this year.

The dollars are being sold in two coin sets – one aluminum, one ½ oz. silver.
The silver set is limited to 5,000 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


In a partnership with the Royal Australian Mint there will be a drawing for one person to be a mate with Ginger Meggs and appear in a Ginger Meggs comic strip.

To celebrate the release, the Mint is offering a lucky Australian the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be drawn into a Ginger Meggs comic strip.

Cartoonist Jason Chatfield explains how.


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