Tim Campbell on Kids and Covid

Cartoonist, editorial and otherwise, Tim Campbell created a tutorial of sorts to help middle school students and their teachers and parents understand the effects the Covid pandemic has had on Junior High School kids and their education, both in person and distance learning.

Current Publishing cartoonist Tim Campbell seeks … to help readers understand how COVID-19 has affected middle school students by animating their reflections in a long-form cartoon.

Campbell’s idea was to show the students’ perspective on how COVID-19 has impacted their school year.

So Tim asked student to respond to four questions.

Tim got hundreds of answers from “youngsters who are certainly old enough to understand what’s going on, but not old enough to have much of a say.”

The end result, available at youarecurrent.com, is a short series of long-form cartoons incorporating responses from students into Campbell’s artistic renderings.

© Tim Campbell