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Activists Adopt Ed Hall Cartoon

A recent editorial cartoon by local [Jacksonville] artist Ed Hall visualizes an argument that’s long been made by supporters of renaming Robert E. Lee High School.

Supporters of changing the name of Robert E. Lee High School have adopted
an editorial cartoon by Ed Hall as a striking visual part of their signs urging change.

© Ed Hall

In a report from News4Jax (WJXT) Ed tells his thoughts in creating the toon:

“I kept thinking back to Ruby Bridges in 1960, that little girl that went to school, they tried to keep her out of school, but she went and she marched past all those National Guardsmen,” Hall said. “That that image just kept coming to me and coming to me, and I thought, ‘well, what would be an interesting shadow shape coming off of a little girl,’ because it’s difficult for people to understand what it would be like to face that sign every day going to school.”

The cartoon may be familiar to regular readers of The Daily Cartoonist
as Mike Peterson’s Comic Strip of the Day covered it earlier this month.


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