Matt Bors Quits Weekly Political Cartooning

Matt Bors has announced his plans to change his cartooning routine:

After 18 years and more than 1,600 political cartoons, I’ve decided to retire my weekly comic. This is a decision long in the making, one I’ve slowly walked myself up to over the years, and have recently decided is time to commit to. My last cartoon was two weeks ago.

I doubt that I have drawn my last political cartoon of all time. I can of course draw them as ideas and time allow down the road, but this is the end of my regular weekly strip and I expect it to be a hard break for quite a while as I focus on other kinds of cartooning.

© Matt Bors

A change in routine does not mean a stop in cartooning. Matt’s goals now are in …

… making some space in my life for other kinds of comics that I’m excited about but have never had the time to fully pursue.

I want to do more nonfiction cartooning at The Nib — the interviews and journalism I have only been able to do in between the cracks of my deadlines— and I’m actively preparing pitches as a writer on some fiction comics. It’s time for me to work in longer formats

More good news:

I will continue to run The Nib in an almost full time capacity,
publishing and editing our magazine and daily comics.

Read Matt’s full announcement here.

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