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Weekend Whatnots

Ginger Meggs Punchline Contest

Above is the opening panel to the page Jimmy Bancks was working on when he died in 1952. The page was laid out and mostly inked, and the script was lettered except for the last panel.

Ginger Meggs ™ Winslow Investments Pty Ltd

From Bancks family members and Ginger Meggs cartoonist Jason Chatfield:

Now is your opportunity to show your creative side and become a part of the Ginger Meggs legacy … challenge yourself to come up with the most exciting, fun and creative final caption to the last panel.

Details and prizes at the Ginger Meggs website.


Cartoonist Chronicles: The Berenstains Before the Bears

In 1962 Stan and Jan Berenstain created The Berenstain Bears, the huge success of that family would soon preempt most other endeavors. But before The Bears the couple were already very successful cartoonists.

© Collier's

Team Berenstain recaps Stan and Jan before The Bear clan. Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four.


Late to the Party


Y2K Savvy reviews the Nancy book and comic strip by Olivia Jaimes.

They range in style from the wholehearted to the ironic, from the humorous to the thought-provoking. While Nancy also has to attend a number of extracurricular activities and meet new friends in the real world, to her that’s a chore and she’d much rather surf the Internet, like many of us?


Showing Up Early

Macanudo © Liniers; Comics Kingdom © KFS

Comics Kingdom is justly proud of Macanudo and its divisional Reuben nomination.

While the National Cartoonists Society hasn’t officially released the list of the 2020 Divisional Reuben Award nominees, some of them are leaking out.

© Condé Nast

From Ink Spill:

… Word has reached us that the NCS (otherwise known as the National Cartoonists Society) has nominated three fine New Yorker folks in this year’s single panel category: Robert Leighton, Kendra Allenby, and Ellis Rosen…best of luck to all!


The Numbers Are Adding Up

© Duane Abel

Duane Abel/ZED continues to inch closer to Jim Davis/Garfield circulation numbers.


New Gag Cartoon Site

© ToonStack

ToonStack is a new site posting gag cartoons by established cartoonists. From their intro:

TOONSTACK! We are a group of cartoonists who post a loooot of work for free on social media, and thought, let’s all get together and give you a MEGAZORD of cartoons. Each week we’ll bring you a gaggle of gags around a different theme. We’re going to experiment with format and content — we want to bring you in to a behind-the-scenes look at how we make the cartoon sausage, and we want to bring a little joy to your inbox. 

Two of the cartoonists listed above as NCS Divisional Gag nominees and the Jason from the first item above, among many others, have contributed so far. The weekly posts update on Sundays, March 28 will be the third entry.



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