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Did Bianca Xunise Just Say Buh-Bye to Six Chix?

There has been no statement from Bianca Xunise or King Features
but yesterday’s Six Chix panel sure reads like a farewell message.

About half the readers commenting on the panel seem to think Bianca is saying goodbye,
though her name still remains part of the credits on the heading.

Also: Though the last three Tuesday comics (Bianca is the Tuesday cartoonist of the six contributors) have been new, the four Tuesday panels before that have been reruns. We are unaware of King Features ever distributing Six Chix reruns before these – which doesn’t mean it has never happened previously. Ironically the reruns began on Groundhog Day.

cartoons are © Bianca Xunise; Six Chix is © King Features Syndicate

February 2, 2021 is from April 28, 2020 (above).
February 9, 2021 is from June 2, 2020.
February 16, 2021 is from February 11, 2020.
February 23, 2021 is from March 10, 2020.
And then this past Sunday (March 14, 2021) is a rerun from May 24, 2020.

Of course it could just be the end of a triad of cartoons about pen and paper.
Or just a joke that is being taken for something it is not.
Check in next Tuesday.

That next Tuesday (March 23) came with a new panel by Bianca.


Community Comments

#1 Vince Spidelli
@ 10:37 pm

Another example of a millennial who can’t handle a workload, a deadline or actually be funny. Daily comics are for hard workers who don’t think they can do it because they have a high twitter following. Quitters are losers.

#2 Brett
@ 4:00 am

^^^ I like that the article goes to pains to say we don’t know anything, but Mr. Spidelli somehow finds a way to blame an entire generation in general and Ms. Xunise in particular,

I hope she has not left – I liked her voice, and her artwork was charming. She deserves better than being 1/6 of a strip.

#3 Brett Mount
@ 4:01 am

Oops, forgot the “last name” part in the autofill. My apologies.

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