Comical Reactions – Rebuttals

© The Ashville Citizen, 1928


Reactions to cartoons about Rush Limbaugh’s death are starting to come in,
including this Power Line take on the comparatively mild Steve Sack obitoon.

© Star Tribune/Steve Sack

The Star Tribune observed the death of Rush Limbaugh with an editorial cartoon … By editorial cartoonist Steve Sack — I think of him as Steve Sack of — the cartoon could perhaps be ignored. We’ve grown accustomed to his disgrace. But Star Tribune editorial editor and company vice president Scott Gillespie added his endorsement of the cartoon in the daily Opinion email to subscribers today …

Naturally The Right is disgusted with The Left’s take on The Dead,
much preferring the conservative view of Rush being recalled:

© Michael Ramirez/Las Vegas Review-Journal/Creators


Reviving a long gone politician, who reappeared recently, was not appreciated.

© Jeff Danziger/Washington Post Writers Group

I must say I was appalled at the totally inappropriate, even cruel, taste of the Jeff Danziger cartoon about QAnon and Dan Quayle … I am not a Republican and I never voted for him for any office, nor supported most of his policies. But never did I ever find reason to associate him with highly questionable, heinous, dark and dangerous conspiracy theories as represented by QAnon and as clearly suggested in this cartoon …


A recent juxtaposition of Peanuts and Macanudo got a preacher behind his pulpit.

Macanudo © Liniers; Peanuts © Peanuts Worldwide

What concerns me is the front-page comic “Macanudo” by Liniers that appears each Sunday in The Citizen’s Sunday comics. Personally, I find it to be a dark comic, almost always lacking in humor, and sometimes shocking. At least three times in recent memory this comic has had explicit and positive reference to the devil … Most striking was the front-page comics on Sunday, Feb. 14. Peanuts (reprinted from 1974) featured Linus quoting from the Bible, Romans 8. Macanudo just two comics down featured a witch dancing with a horned devil …


In response to that WaPo article – a call for diversity of a third kind.

© Onion Syndicate/Stan Kelly

Apparently one major problem facing the mainstream media today is the lack of editorial and political cartoonists from diverse backgrounds. In the wake of the successful transition to a Biden-Harris presidency, The Washington Post recently interviewed a number of female and minority cartoonists to get their perspective on this pressing cultural issue…

But while we’re on the topic of a lack of diversity in newsrooms, let’s address their stunning lack of ideological diversity. As the Post itself reported in 2014, only 7.1 percent of journalists are Republican.

One’s worldview is far more likely to impact reporting than who one sleeps with or what color one’s skin is. With Democrats holding unified control of the Executive and Legislative Branches, one would think The Washington Post would be more concerned about newsrooms’ need to hire Republican journalists than female cartoonists.