Gary Brookins’ Brand New Shoe?

February 15, ’21 saw the first signed daily Shoe comic strip by Gary Brookins in five months.

There is no announcement at Shoe Comics, or on Gary’s Facebook about his return to the daily comic.

When Gary retired last year he kept his hand in the game by continuing to do the Sunday Shoe. Now, for this week at least, he is back on the weekday strips. Has Ben Lansing flown south for the winter? Is he laid up with a busted wing? (Below is the current opening illustration at Ben’s website.)

© Ben Lansing

And is this a temporary return or is it a rerun? I’m not sure how they treat reruns at MacNelly Inc. these days. Six years ago when, due to illness, reruns were distributed the original copyright date ran in the gutter. This week’s Shoe strips have a 2021 copyright date.

Shoe © MacNelly



One thought on “Gary Brookins’ Brand New Shoe?

  1. Don’t think the Monday, Feb. 15, 2021 Shoe strip is a rerun, at least from Feb. 15 of any year on GoComics. Could be from a date other than Feb. 15, though…

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