The Right Sees No Humor in Doonesbury, Anywhere

The Right Wing Media Research Center was apoplectic over a recent NBC Today show where Left Wing hosts praised Garry Trudeau and his Doonesbury comic strip.

After [Al Roker] noted some newspapers placed Doonesbury on the editorial page, [Harry] Smith added: “And sometimes when the subject was particularly volatile, these papers would just black out the space for a week or two weeks at a time.”

That was the closest the broadcast ever got to telling viewers how incendiary Trudeau has been throughout his career. No mention was made of his repeated sexist attacks on Republican women like Sarah Palin or Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. His constant attacks on the intelligence of Republican presidents were also ignored. Back in 2016, he even placed a Breitbart reporter in a Ku Klux Klan hood, but the morning show was uninterested.

Nevermind all that, NBC just wants to label their lefty hero “iconic” and “groundbreaking.”

© Garry B. Trudeau

The article seemed particularly grieved over “Trudeau’s blatant agenda” and his decades long attacks on Former President Trump, and in a bow to cancel culture asked readers to let Today show advertisers know about their outrage.

Read the full critique here.


Elsewhere from the right is the National Review opinion piece by Joseph Epstein declaring humor is dead. Revealing that he is officially an old fart (“I was born in 1937”) Mr. Epstein neither sees nor hears anything funny these days: 

If you know of any working comedians, or television sitcoms, or comic writers you think genuinely amusing, please don’t hesitate to let me know about them, for I have in recent years been suffering a fairly serious humor deficiency. I cannot remember the last time I smiled even faintly at a New Yorker cartoon.

The death of humor has one cause says the man who recently started the Jill Biden shouldn’t be called “Doctor” conceit: the loss of the old ways.

The reason is that the United States in those years had a more unified culture than it has now, or at least the dominant culture was not itself under attack. 

This unified culture began to break up when a separate youth culture arose in the 1960s. Later, the black-power movement, forgoing integration, formed another, separate strand of American culture. The 1970s saw what is now known as the second wave of feminism, and this was closely followed by the gay-liberation movement.

Read the article here.

Herblock cartoon © The Washington Post

2 thoughts on “The Right Sees No Humor in Doonesbury, Anywhere

  1. The writer complaining about a lack of humor from the Progressives strikes me as strange. In my experience, what passes for “funny” from the Right is a rich, white guy in a limousine running over a homeless person in a wheelchair.

  2. Epstein would doubtless enjoy the Tom the Dancing Bug “lucky Ducky” strips, assuming his manservant will cut off the last panel or two before letting him see them.

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