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Capp The Creator vs. The Squeezeblood Syndicate

It is July 1947:

The Wheels of Justice move slowly.
A Cartoonist’s Frustration rises quickly.

October 19, 1947:

October 26, 1947 – The Des Moines Register which knows syndicates, giving its name to one,
recognizes what is happening and informs their readers and issues a warning to Capp:

That Sunday’s Li’l Abner:

The pertinent panels:

The Wheels of Justice went round and round., and in 1948:

Details were never revealed but that 10 year contract turned into 16 years before Capp took Li’l Abner to the New York News Syndicate in 1964. Until the strip ended in 1977 it was copyrighted in the syndicates’ names (these days it is © Capp Enterprises). Whether they knew it or not, in 1948 both sides had reason to be happy as Capp was in the middle of introducing a licensing bonanza in his comic strip at that time.

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