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The Batman Comic Strip Returns – after a fashion

Cartoonist David Aja creates a new comic strip featuring The Batman of 1949.

From Comic Book Resources:

Writer/artist David Aja’s story for Batman: Black and White #2 is done in the style of the daily Batman newspaper comic strip from 1946 to 1949.

DC Comics publicist Clark Bull tweeted Friday, “I’ve been hoping for the revival of DC’s newspaper strips for a long long long time and I’m finally getting it (I’m sure by coincidence!!) next week in Batman: Black & White #2 with ‘The Devil is in the Detail’ by David Aja. God bless editors [Ben] Abernathy, [Andy] Khouri and [Dave] Wielgosz.”

Batman: Black & White #2 is available at your local comic book shop January 26, 2021.

CBR continues:

Batman: Black & White is a six-issue prestige miniseries that features a wide roster of comic creators delivering tales featuring Batman.

Graphic Policy has a preview of Batman: Black & White #2.

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