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Rip Haywire: Away in the Danger by Dan Thompson, the Last NEA Christmas Strip

Some of you may have noticed that some of us have an obsession with Firsts and Lasts. So when we presented the first Newspaper Enterprise Association Christmas strip from 1936 last week, our goal was to bookend that with the last NEA Christmas strip.

In January 2009 cartoonist Dan Thompson got Rip Haywire, his parody of/homage to the great adventure comic strips, syndicated by United Media (UFS/NEA). So it seemed natural that Dan and Rip would create the end of 2009 short-run seasonal strip with a 73 year history. It turned out to be the last of the series (a final 2010 offering would be a rerun).

So here, with Dan’s blessing, is Rip Haywire: Away in the Danger!

Rip Haywire: Away in the Danger © by and used with permission of Dan Thompson

From the regular Rip Haywire Christmas comic strip of December 25, 2009:

Dan most always has a short Christmas story and this year is no different. As Brainzo says,
“It’s that time of year” and so starts this year’s Rip Haywire Christmas short story.

Dan also does the Brevity and Kid Spot comics, but he had extra time on his hands since he stopped working on Harley. So more Dan Thompson Christmas cheer(?) came this month in association with Plumicorn and MoSoMoS and Elvis Presley:

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