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Tom Richmond Answers Your MAD Questions

The word spread last year that MAD magazine would no longer publish. We here even contributed to that idea by reporting what others, some knowledgeable, were saying. Former MAD contributor Tom Richmond responds to that and other questions about MAD magazine.

Claim: MAD stopped publishing years ago/last year/recently.

Verdict: FALSE

MAD never stopped publishing, and in fact comes out bi-monthly as of this writing, December 2020. It did, however, cease news stand distribution as of MAD #9 in the late summer of 2019, making subscriptions and direct market (i.e. comic book stores) the only places you could buy a printed copy…

© EC Publications

Having recently completed my monthly visit to the local comic book store I returned with the Special Sergio Issue. Being Sergio I have to dig out the magnifying glass to read and enjoy it all (along with being spread thoughout the magazine they gathered 500 MAD Marginals on just 4 pages).

In a postscript: this week Tom’s Sunday Mailbag, where he is asked and answers a question, also deals with MAD.

Q: Could you always do whatever you wanted with MAD? Did you ever get suits threatened by some of the content holders for going too far? How often did the editor/publisher tell you to pull back on the content?

I certainly could NOT to whatever I wanted with MAD

art © Tom Richmond


More on Bizarro Secret Symbols

This week Mike’s Friday Funnies featured a Bizarro panel that generated some secret symbol conversation. The following day, in Saturday’s Waynoblog, there is more about that panel and the secret symbols when the panel goes horizontal. Also hints about spelling.

… Fortunately, our hardworking editors at King Features caught the mistake, and I corrected it before it was released into the wild.

If you’re ever unsure about the word “artisanal,” and without access to a spellchecker, I offer a handy mnemonic…

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Peanuts Promotional Art Sells for $$$$

Last month we noted that some early Peanuts art by Charles Schulz had been rediscovered and was going to auction. Yeah, I was outbid.

© Peanuts Worldwide


Digital Art is a Thing Now

Last week we linked to Tom Richmond (him again?) bemoaning the lack of new original art. Now, it seems, digital art has value as a form of cryptocurrency.

characters © DC Comics; art © Jose Delbo & Mark McKenna


Loving Reaper

It’s been a while since we mentioned Jenny Jinya, so…

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