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The Funnies – Good for Physical & Mental Health

Amusement and pleasant surprises – and the laughter they can trigger – add texture to the fabric of daily life.
Those giggles and guffaws can seem like just silly throwaways. But laughter, in response to funny events, actually takes a lot of work, because it activates many areas of the brain: areas that control motor, emotional, cognitive and social processing.
[R]esearchers now appreciate laughter’s power to enhance physical and mental well-being.

These feelings – like amusement, happiness, mirth and joy – build resiliency and increase creative thinking. They increase subjective well-being and life satisfaction. Researchers find that these positive emotions experienced with humor and laughter correlate with appreciating the meaning of life and help older adults hold a benign view of difficulties they’ve faced over a lifetime.

Read Professor Janet M. Gibson’s essay on health and humor.

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#1 Phillip Schearer
@ 10:27 pm

For as long as I have been reading comics online I have said “It’s cheaper than Prozac”.

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