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Guest Jumble Week 8 (Updated with Spoilers)

original November 7 post:

The Eighth Annual Guest Jumbler Week begin November 16, 2020.   (h/t Darryl H)

Jumble © Tribune Content Agency

Can you guess the guest cartoonists? 


updated November 16:

Above is the November 16, 2020 Guest Jumble featuring Joe Wos.

Here is the full week of 2020 Guest Jumblers:

Monday (11/16): Joe Wos (Mazetoons)
Tuesday (11/17): Russell Myers (Broom-Hilda)
Wednesday (11/18): Ryan Pagelow (Buni)
Thursday (11/19): Jan Eliot (Stone Soup)
Friday (11/20): Dean Young (Blondie) w/ John Marshall? David Reddick?
Saturday (11/21): David Macaulay (Mammoth Science)

All, I’m sure, will do an amazing job.

hat tip to Jimmy Delach and the Tampa Bay Times
(which prints the full week’s worth of puzzles in their Sunday edition)

Update – November 19

Correction notice from a couple days ago:

TCA/TMS/Tribune Media has issued a correction for the daily Jumble for this Thursday, November 19, to correct the spelling of the guest artist’s name, from “ELLIOT” to “ELIOT”. All affected pages have been corrected and re-posted, please check your pages and download the revised version as needed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

RBMA Customer Service

So on today’s Jumble site…

Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 3:54 pm

My guesses:
#1 – ?
#2 – Keith Knight
#3- Jan Eliot (Stone Soup – which ceased this Summer 2020)
#4 – ?
#5 – Dean Young and John Marshall (Blondie)?
#6 – Mark Tatulli (Lio)?

#2 Brad Walker
@ 5:27 pm

#4 is Buni by Ryan Pagelow.

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