The Comic Strip Week That Was

Bound and Gagged © Tribune Content Agency; Break of Day © Nate Fakes

Bound and Gagged was followed by Break of Day in today’s (October 24) feed. I guess, as we get closer to Halloween, this sort juxtaposition is to be expected. As is the Dick Tracy and Thatababy guest spots this month.

Dick Tracy © Tribune Content Agency; Thatababy © Paul Trap

Since we’re visiting Dick Tracy, here’s a nice daily in B&W and color.

Dick Tracy © Tribune Content Agency

Luke McGarry's TLDR © Luke McGarry

Luke McGarry’s TLDR reminds me that “Inktober” has been trademarked.

Forget Halloween, Bill Griffith is scaring me!

Zippy © Bill Griffith

@*x*?@!! © MacNelly


The fate of Dan Collins and other cartoonists of like ilk.

Looks Good On Paper © Dan Collins

Strange Brew © Creators Syndicate

I like everything about yesterday’s Strange Brew.
The cartooning, the colors and coloring, and the gag.