Lalo Alcaraz, A Lifetime Fighting The Good Fight

Lalo Alcaraz Retains His Young Self’s Zeal

A memorable video from a Telemundo show in 1994 features a man with his hair all poofed up, oversized sunglasses, a shabby coat and a big wide tie. The man identified as “Daniel De Portado” and supposedly represented a group called “Hispanics for Wilson” (referring to Pete Wilson, the governor at the time).

The man listed the group’s demands on the show: banning of Mexican food as a biological weapon, banning all banda and Linda Ronstadt music, and the deportation of every immigrant to Mexico, no matter where they were from. Its members also promised to “self-deport” to Mexico to make California better.

It was trademark Lalo Alcaraz…

A short profile of Lalo Alcaraz and a 30 minute video of Lalo describing his youthful activism against anti-Mexican policies in 1990s California. The video is as thought-provoking and funny as are Lalo’s comics, and he is enjoying himself today relating his involvement as much as he did 25 years ago when it happened.