A.F. Branco Now Part of Lewiston Tribune Rotation

After fallout from a liberal cartoonist’s political opinion The Lewiston Tribune sampled various conservative editorial cartoonists and polled their readers about preferences.
The results are in.

The Lewiston Tribune has added A.F. Branco of Creators Syndicate to its lineup of political cartoonists.

That decision reflects the preference of Tribune readers. Among those who responded to the Tribune’s trial run of Branco, Al Goodwyn, Gary Varvel and Chip Bok, the results were as follows:

Branco — 15.2 percent approved; 9 percent disliked.
Goodwyn — 7 percent approved.
Varvell[sic] — 5.2 percent approved.
Bok — 3.5 percent approved.
Liked all four conservatives — 12 percent.
Disliked all four — 48.1 percent.

© A.F. Branco via Creators Syndicate

Eligible cartoonists all came from the Creators Syndicate stable.
But the Tribune’s lineup may not yet be settled as one cartoonist is retiring.

Along with [Mike] Luckovich, Branco will join a staple of Tribune cartoonists that includes David Horsey of the Seattle Times, Michael Ramirez of Investor’s Business Daily and Lisa Benson of the Washington Post. Longtime cartoonist Tom Toles of the Washington Post has announced his retirement.