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Dueling Centennials – Winkle and Ward

September 20, 1920 saw two debuts.

Winnie Winkle by Martin Branner first appeared on this date in 1920.
Tom Heintjes and the HoganMag Twitter are showing the first daily strips here and here.

So here’s the first Winnie Winkle Sunday (April 2, 1922) featuring new cast member Perry.

Below is the last Winnie Winkle strip from July 28, 1996.


The other debut of one hundred years ago was the creation of Joseph Ward Cohen and Mercedes Juanita Troplong Ward. Joseph Ward Cohen Jr. would be more famously retitled Jay Ward.

Jay Ward creations and productions brought uproarious laughter to kids of all ages.

Jay Ward tags at Cartoon Brew and Cartoon Research.



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