Gary Larson’s Birthday was From The Far Side

Gary Larson turned 70 this past week, and quite a week it was.

Leading up to his August 14th birthday Gary treated humanity with more New Stuff!


Then on his birthday Gary was “honored” by being the subject of an editorial cartoon
by The Onion’s Stan Kelly celebrating that we got New Far Side Stuff.

Celebrate Gary’s birthday and buy a present for yourself.




4 thoughts on “Gary Larson’s Birthday was From The Far Side

  1. IIRC — always risky — the Onion’s Stan Kelly is Ward Sutton doing a parody of pissy right wing editorial cartoons.
    Oh, wait, I looked and the memory’s fine:
    So the sentiment shown in the cartoon is a parody.
    Now, if only the new stuff was funny… uh, funnier.

  2. Hooray for all of us skewed a bit left of center!I was reduced to sewing rude words inside my unmentionables.

  3. How the hell does this incompetent smearer even dare to put himself into the same cartoon as the incomparable Gary Larson? He is not worthy to mention his name.

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