Arlo and Janis at 35

Jimmy Johnson celebrates 35 years of his Arlo and Janis
comic strip by reproducing the very first strip as today’s issue:

This week’s strip have been celebrating the anniversary, now he is extending the hoopla to his blog:

The comic strip Arlo & Janis began life when it first appeared in newspapers 35 years ago today. I want to thank you, the readers, newspaper and online, for such a wonderful run so far. And I want to apologize for such a paltry celebration here. I had intended to make a much bigger production of the anniversary, but real-life events overtook me over the past few weeks. However, beginning today, I will show some older material here and repeat some of the stories from the early days.

5 thoughts on “Arlo and Janis at 35

  1. Congratulations Jimmy Johnson
    35 years of quality writing.
    But I’ve only read and enjoyed ’Arlo ‘N’ Janis for approximately 10 years
    Thank you for your work. Hopefully many more years to come
    Joe Violi
    Canton, Mi

  2. I’ve been a delighted follower of Arlo & Janis for its entire 35-year run. I’m a proud owner of both ARLO AND JANIS and BEAUCOUP ARLO & JANIS. I treasure the original cartoon art (complete with erasures!) of two of my favorite strips, generously made available to me by the artist himself. All in all, I like to consider myself one of Jimmy Johnson’s most devoted fans. I’d like to convey my heartfelt appreciation for 35 years of laughs, tears and shrewd insights. Let’s have at least 35 more years, Jimmy!

  3. I have followed Arlo and Janis for many years, as has my husband. We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in July and laughed when we saw it was the comic strips 35th year. We laughed because my husband is so much like Arlo, and their marriage ups and downs are so relatable. I loved when Gene was little. My all time favorite was when he was in the bathtub surrounded by toys and he very blandly says, WHEEE! Thanks for the laughs.

  4. I have a copy of Jimmy Johnson’s Work that has been on my walls for the last 30 years. It is copyright 1989 8/18. In this yellowed strip,torn out of a newspaper and treasured evermore since then, Janis is talking with a girl friend. The girl friend in the first panel says “Men!’ and Janis says “They only want one thing!”. In the second panel the girl friend says “A shop”

    That is it. Two panels treasured from pre-computer age newspapers. RGB

  5. I have followed A & J for many years, but have always wondered about the origin of the names. Guthrie & Joplin?

    Keep up the great work, and thanks!


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