Dadding the Sunday Funnies


When June Met Rex

Today Rex Morgan gets around to telling Sarah how he first met her mother.

In another time and reality (as Terry Beatty has explained) young Doctor Rex meets Nurse June – The last three dailies from the first 1948 week of Rex Morgan, M.D.:


And In The End…

After teasing last week, Jan Eliot confirms it to the strip’s characters that they will be getting a little privacy. Only five more week until the July 26 end of Stone Soup.


That Was Then, This Is Now

Don’t mention rerun strips here often, but I enjoy Jim Keefe’s Flash Gordon, and this Flash Gordon-Secret Agent X-9 story was good (and last week the strip was drawn by Corrigan cartoonist George Evans!). Then Jim was scripting and left room for the artwork, these days he’s drawing Sally Forth for the rather loquacious Francesco Marciuliano.


Back To Nature

PC and Pixel usually takes place in the crowded, teeming city, so I enjoy the occasional times when Tak Bui gets them out in the wild. (Don’t get me wrong, I am constantly amazed at the effort Tak puts into drawing those street scenes.)

Rather than occasional, today’s Rose is Rose strikes me as singular. I’m thinking Don Wimmer did a bit of research before drawing Jimbo and Pasquale as apes for this strip.


Burning Down The House

Even with the more sedate hues of the printed Sundays, Thomas Scott Roberts‘ coloring of today’s Prince Valiant popped! Not to discount the story and art of Mark Schultz and Thomas Yeates.


Somebody Spoke and I Went Into a Dream

My Daily Digression: The Sunday Phantom is good, but I am really impressed with The Phantom‘s psychotic episode in the current daily story by Tony de Paul and Mike Manley.


I’m So Tired

A second Sunday rerun comic strip mention here. Just noting that the Tarzan story from 1979 by Archie Goodwin and Gil Kane has me exhausted.


Inside Joke

Paul Trap’s Thatababy. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.