Post-Dispatch Comics Pages Lack Diversity

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch printed a letter today taking the newspaper
to task for its lack of diversity on their comics pages:

There is no denying it: Ours is a racist society. One of my plans is to advocate for change related to the Post-Dispatch comic pages. They are mighty white. There is not a single cartoon strip dedicated to African American subjects. There is the occasional side character in a white story line, but no major character. I would happily sacrifice other strips in return for a black cartoon strip.

The funny papers are a regular part of our daily lives but probably not of black St. Louisans. Why would they be interested in yet another display of our all-white institutions? Shouldn’t the Everyday section represent everybody?

Marcelle Soda • St. Louis

To be fair one comic strip does (co-)star a person of color.
(click images, then click again to supersize.)

But, for a major city with a nearly 50% African-American population,
that is an amazingly whitebread (no offense intended) two pages of comics.

The paper’s selected look at their comics past doesn’t change the perspective.

One thought on “Post-Dispatch Comics Pages Lack Diversity

  1. Be glad the St. Louis Post-Dispatch doesn’t carry indefinate rerun strips Peanuts, For Better or For Worse, Get Fuzzy, and Doonesbury.

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