Animated Baby Blues 2nd Season You’ll Never See

From the Bubble Blabber (“Cartoons Covered”):

Last week we wrote a piece with producer Toby Jones Tweeting an inside source claiming to have knowledge about the whereabouts of the second season of the animated series adaptation of Baby Blues. In short, Toby’s source claims that the second season of Baby Blues had never moved beyond pre-production.

Baby Blues co-creator Rick Kirkman wrote in to set the record straight:

Second, Season 2 (13 episodes) was ordered, produced and nearly complete. All that was left was to replace the temp music cues and sound effects and possibly some minor editing. All animation was done. Full episodes like that exist, but I haven’t seen them. But my partner has. It is incorrect to say there was only pre-production work and not much more.

It is correct that they will probably never see the light of day. A lot having to do with accounting practices, since the second season was written off as a loss, as far as I know.

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