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What’s 30 Years Between Friends

Sandra Bell-Lundy is celebrating thirty years of her Between Friends comic strip.

When I first began the strip, Maeve was married to Simon. Susan was single. Kim was a white woman named Laura.

I had sold my strip to 3 Southern Ontario daily newspapers and a couple of weeklies. I was making $100 per week…and working at a Duty Free Shoppe on the Fort Erie/Buffalo border.

Sandra looks back at  three decades of drawing Maeve, Susan, and Kim/Laura.

We know that Between Friends began King Features syndication on February 21, 1994, and we know that Sandra began her strip in local papers in May of 1990. But we don’t know the exact date when Between Friends first appeared in St. Catherines Standard. The retrospective is dated May 10 (a Thursday in 1990), but it was posted on May 9. The post itself never mentions the exact debut date.

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