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St. Cloud Times Adds Dozens of Comics … Online

It’s been quite a spring, and few of the events of the past two months have offered much reason to smile.

Sometimes we all wish there was something – anything – to take our minds off of it all.

We feel it too, and we hear you.

Today, I’m happy to announce that the St. Cloud Times is expanding our offerings of digital comic strips, puzzles and advice columns about topics from health to parenting to pets to bridge at There are hundreds of new features there for you — for free. 

The St. Cloud Times is now offering readers access to the GoComics online syndication.

With a promotion worthy of print comics:

“In times like this, people really do need a smile,” said Jim Davis…

“The clarity of digital display is amazing,” said Stefan Pastis…

Comics have been fixtures of our print newspaper pages for decades – and the digital age has expanded the number and variety of available comic strip offerings. While the space devoted to comics has remained stable in print, digital distribution has exploded – and even become a proving ground for new artists.

The GoComics online syndicated version is a bit different from the GoComics home site.

Along with a different look there are a few different comics, though it does carry all(?) the Andrews McMeel, Creators, Tribune Content and Washington Post Witers Group comic strips. Notably the St. Cloud site gets the current Dilbert comic strip that GoComics doesn’t. Disappointing is that the One Big Happy strip is, like at GoComics, on a three week delay. I’m sure there are other differences.

I guess cartoonists have to accept that online syndication is the new normal.

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