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Corona Confinement Cartooning

Cartoonists are keeping busy with fun, health, and charity.


The Seattle Times and cartoonist David Horsey offer downloadable bears to color.


KBIR Knoxville checks in with 90 year old Charlie Daniel while he shelters in place.

“I was beginning really to enjoy retirement. I was meeting with people for lunch every day and meeting old journalist friends, meeting a preacher friend and talking theology now it’s all out. Now I’m just sitting here with Patsy.”


Donate $30 or more to Temple University Hospital and get a signed Signe Wilkinson print.

Apologies to J.P. for being too late for his charity art auction.

Hat tip to Jape for the notices though.


Michael Cavna of The Washington Post [says], “emotional uplift” has its place in the political cartoonist’s repertoire. The Journalism Institute and Michael discuss the inspiring cartoons.


The Past is Prologue.

The Nib presents a look at the 1918 Spanish Flu by Joyce Rice, Eleri Harris and Sarah Mirk.


Jennifer George, Rube Goldberg‘s granddaughter, has invited people isolated in their homes to build devices that drop a bar of soap into someone’s hand using a sequence of 10 to 20 steps.


Arizona Daily Star’s David Fitzsimmons & Chiara Bautista offer more coloring pages for downloading.


Neither COVID-19 nor the desire to aid and comfort stops at the 49th Parallel.



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