Steve Burnett Gets Cartoon in The Pioneer

The Fort Stockton Pioneer is now publishing Steve Burnett cartoons.

Cartoonist Steve Burnett is featured every Thursday on The Pioneer’s Opinion page.

Cartoonist Steve Burnett’s cartoons appear each Thursday in the print and edition of The Pioneer.

From the oil fields to the classrooms, Burnett brings a humorous look to West Texas living.

I’m not sure when the paper began running Steve’s cartoons.

The weekly paper is dated Thursdays. But the cartoons are put on the newspapers website on Mondays. So did the first one, posted Monday February 24, 2020, run in the February 20th or the February 27th edition? (Steve dates the first one Feb. 23, 2020 in the cartoon itself; adding another date to the mix.)

by Steve Burnett
February 27?, 2020 –
Blue first appeared ???? (the second one, shown here, has a 2019 © date)