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Dogpatch, USA For Sale

400 acres of what used to be the Dogpatch USA (1968-1993) amusement park,
based on the Li’l Abner comic strip (1934-1977) by Al Capp,
is going on the auction block.

The abandoned Dogpatch theme park will be sold at auction outside the courthouse in Jasper on March 3 if the current owners don’t come up with $1,031,885 before then, according to a filing Thursday in Newton County Circuit Court …

Stewart Nance of Eureka Springs said he doesn’t foresee Great American Spillproof Products coming up with the money.

Charles “Bud” Pelsor, president of Great American Spillproof Products, said in December that he was giving up on his dream of turning the abandoned theme park into an “ecotourism village.” Pelsor, the inventor of a spill-proof dog bowl, said he was moving back to his home state of Indiana.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette carries the “capp”-tivating tale.

Details about the current real estate.

Photos of the abandoned tourist attraction from a few years ago.

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