Celebrate Kwanzaa With a Ray Billingsley Parable

Happy Kwanzaa!
And to make this year more special Ray Billingsley has returned with a new Kwanzaa Tale.

A decade ago Ray treated us to annual Kwanzaa stories…

that has now become an occasional reward:

Those are a hassle to do because of the confines of the strip. It’s so small I really have to work on each panel to make it look aesthetically pleasing. I’ve noticed that over the years the younger generation aren’t really into the stories as much. I’m not doing the Kwanzaa stories every year like I used to. I want them to be more special now so maybe one year I’ll do them and then the next year I’ll skip.

I always enjoyed the stylistic change of pace
and am happy to see Ray return to the special event this year.


Though he did leave us regular Curtis readers with a cliff-hanger:

Go to Ray’s Homepage for more.

Troubling for me is Ray’s Facebook page where he lists himself as
“Former Syndicated Cartoonist at King Features Syndicate”




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  1. Former King Features cartoonist? Does this mean that Ray Billingsley will bring the Curtis comic strip to an end in 2020?

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