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A Cumulative Remembrance – Gahan Wilson

A collection of news stories and tributes on the death of Gahan Wilson.

above: Michael Cavna-Warped


The Washington Post

The New York Times

The Associated Press (via The Los Angeles Times)

27East – The South Hampton Press



Comics Sites

The Comics Journal

Multiversity Comics

Comic Book Resources

Four Realities

Grand Comics Database – bibliography


above: Roz Chast-New Yorker



The New Yorker

Mark’s Very Large National Lampoon Site

Fantasy and Science Fiction


above: R.L.Crabb


Aiden Casserly

It Came From…


The World of Fantasy

SyFy Wire

isfdb – a Gahan Bibliography

File 770

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction – Gahan profile/bibliography


The Sea Was as Wet as Wet Could Be


above: Fu Man Chu via The Bristol Board


The Bristol Board

Bizarre Chats

Hairy Green Eyeball3

The Magic Whistle – (Playboy comics) NSFW


above: Evan Dorkin’s daughter Emily

The Twitterverse


LatestLY – twitterati


Stephen Colbert

Gahan Wilson


above: A Walking Tour of The Shambles

It’s Personal

Neil Gaiman

Michael Maslin’s Inkspill


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