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New Title Panels: The Phantom and The Prince

Above was the last panel from the November 10, 2019 Sunday version of The Phantom.

And since Jeff Weigel took on Sunday art chores, that “New Adventure” blurb also means a new title panel. Today we were treated to the new title panel (and the start of a new adventure):

This one is different from Jeff’s previous title panels.

Something more than The Phantom just passively surveying his Kingdom,
and seems to includes a hint as to where this adventure will take us.


Prince Valiant also changed title panels.

That Shield and Spears panel, which first appeared April 21, 2019, lasted until November 3, 2019. The Raven panel (portending the return of Aleta?) debuted last week on November 10, 2019. Previous Prince Valiant title panels can be found here.
* I missed the November 3, 2019  paper, so these dates are my best guess. Can anyone confirm?
(see comment below)

Thomas Yeates Raven is a favorite of mine.


As long as we’re on the Comics Kingdom page…

Apropos of nothing, I’m going to throw in the today’s Mary Worth, because I found June Brigman‘s graphics (drawing and Ben-Day dots and coloring) captivating. I love looking at it!

I forget who said it, or where I read it, but someone recently mentioned that June, who drew the Marvel Power Pack comic book, was one of the best at drawing children. They are right, even the nightmarish ones above.





Community Comments

#1 Jimmy Delach
@ 9:16 pm

I checked the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from 11/3/2019 (thank goodness they’re running King Features strips again) and it confirms your guess as correct.

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