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Gary Varvel: “I’ve adapted”

Like many editorial cartoonists these days Gary Varvel is no longer a salaried employee of a newspaper. But he still draws four cartoons a week that are syndicated around the nation by Creators Syndicate, and contributes local opinions to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

But cartoonists have to do more:

“You know, what I’ve found is that I’m constantly wanting to learn and try new things. I think if you’re not changing, you’re dying, and so I think one of the reasons I was able to keep my career as long as I did is because I adapted,” said Varvel. “I did all kinds of different things to give the readers something more than what they wanted.”

Dick Wolfsie, of WISH-TV, interviews Gary Varvel about his book,
his newsletter, his website, and his regular cartooning gigs.



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